Welcome to the world of the six-legged dog. If you look like a six-legged dog, you’re far more likely to get into trouble with your neighbors than if you have the bright, white hair of a six-legged dog.

Fortunately, we can now cure that deficiency using Facebook’s new algorithm, which, as of today, refers to any dog with “a heavy white appearance in a shape or color similar to that of a six-legged dog” as six-legged dogs.

Anyone who’s been on Facebook in the last hour will probably get this immediately. If not, you may or may not be wondering, “Yes, I have a six-legged dog! Is my dog six-legged?”

Your dog may even be chatting up strangers online, if you haven’t already noticed, so being sure that you know about these phenomena is key to keeping your neighbor happy.

Five quick GIFs to make you feel more confident that your six-legged dog is what you see:


A seven-eyed chocolate Labrador mix with chunky white ears, head and tail. The internet flipped out over Chyna after her dog-lookalike Instagram became public knowledge. Chyna gets along with her neighbors well, because they asked her to.

“Bosom Buddies”

Two ugly-looking and fun-looking dogs, along with a human holding a ball. These pups turn out to be a pair of good-natured but rather oddball dogs who enjoy playing with children, babies and dogs. The six-legged dog.


An orange and white chihuahua from Wisconsin. This one is so beautiful you almost forget he looks like one of the mechanical bulls in a corner of the Jersey Shore bar. (Luckily, he doesn’t. Because he’s a nice dog.) In this GIF he’s holding a laptop and looks like a character from Office Space.

“Dude, it’s a small plane.”