Like modern-day Tom Brady, who was the toast of politics long before he became a New England Patriots quarterback, Cardale Jones, who in November became Ohio State’s all-time leading rusher, comes equipped with loads of talking points to make him the leading man in Washington.

Appearing on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” on Monday night, Jones, Ohio State’s three-year starter and the school’s first five-star recruit, spoke about the NFL being a negative for everyone associated with the game.

“Like, if you play D1 you’re going to feel like, what do I need to do to get on this team?” Jones said on “The Herd.” “Like a D1, they like to draft wide receivers and quarterbacks and run backs. In that particular high-level sport, then that’s going to drag you down to the D-level. They want to draft everybody to the D-level, and that’s a dark side.”

About his previous experience in the NFL, he did not name any specific player, but Jones said his stint with the Washington Redskins this past season under coach Jay Gruden was the most negative thing he’s ever done in his life. He said he was on a 50-man roster.

“You know, you’re on the 50-man roster. You have training camp. You’re running around. And when you get to go to the stadium, you’re running up and down the stadium. And at practice, you’re running around. You’re warming up. You’re sprinting. And all of a sudden it’s, ‘OK, I gotta play,’” Jones said. “You don’t have your high school coach there. You don’t have your high school head coach. It’s just, ‘OK, let’s make some cuts.’ So you don’t have that warm-up feeling when you go out there.”

He’ll need that to handle the players in the National Indoor Football League, starting Feb. 19.

This may not be the modern-day call for Page Six, but a year in the NIFL can be a long way from the field. Jones will need to prove himself quickly for at least two reasons.