The Queen of England visited the dentist in July of last year after William and Kate had previously stated that their father's health scare had left her afraid that he might need to see a dentist.

Fortunately for her, something was still bothering Her Majesty during that visit to the dentist, and it wasn't just the occasional pain that the Queen of England was suffering through with her long, hard days of royal duties! The Queen reportedly claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex took all of her 50 sets of her dentures and toothpaste with them when they left Buckingham Palace in June, and no one had a clue about them until now!

The Queen was given a set of 50 sets of her dentures by her father Prince Philip in 1944, at a time when it was still considered acceptable for men to wear dentures -- which may explain why Her Majesty ended up requiring so many sets in the first place. It's reported that when her husband was only in his early 20s, he had to wear his dentures for the rest of his life. After he passed away in 2017, Queen Elizabeth addressed the media in a sad but informative interview that revealed that in response to Prince Philip's death she temporarily had to take off her dentures too.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at the christening of Prince Louis in July.Photo: Getty Images

As it was reported, the Queen was very kind and generous with these special oral care tools, not only buying them for her father but also purchasing the sets for her own mother, Elizabeth of Scotland, the Queen Mother, Princess Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret. It's clear that as the Queen of England gets older, she needs to take her dentures with her -- and perhaps she'll consider having more over the years.

Now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made their first-ever royal appearance as a married couple, this just adds another element to their growing love story -- is the Queen set to visit their home at Kensington Palace anytime soon?

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