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Don’t forget to enter our special Caffeine, Best of the Morning competition. Today’s headline: The Trump University case is about to settle

The New York federal court confirmed today that a settlement agreement is “approximately completed,” according to the U.S. Department of Justice. The deal will likely resolve charges the Trump University case that the president-elect “promised so much, delivered so little,” and represented himself as a successful real estate entrepreneur when that wasn’t the case.

“President-elect Trump should consider whether the admission he made during the debates regarding other aspects of the failed university and about the so-called ‘Dangerous New York Sweatshops,’ in which he enlisted students for free courses on how to skim from Trump’s other real estate ventures to finance his inadequacies, will hold up to the light of day in a courtroom,” said U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of the Southern District of New York.

Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio has joined a chorus of Republican voices criticizing the draft order on immigration. Rubio called the order a “distraction” and “is not a well-thought out proposal,” given the great national insecurity that will “not be helped by starting a massive, countrywide family-separation policy.”

Finally, don’t forget you can vote in the 2020 presidential election today. Google’s now giving every U.S. voter a $10 credit to help them cast their ballot. The $10 is equivalent to the cost of a ride to the polls for many New Yorkers.

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