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4.19 pm. (PT) ― Donald Trump traveled to the Demoscience Party headquarters in Los Angeles on Monday night, casting blame for the government shutdown on Democrats.

Since January 22, the U.S. government has been closed after lawmakers could not agree on a spending bill that would fund a number of government programs. Last week, a funding bill approved by the House that would reopen the government was blocked by House Democratic leaders who wanted to use the spending bill to force concessions on the border wall.

The Democrat leaders had previously walked out of a meeting with Trump, only to leave quickly and reach a deal on the border wall later. When asked why Democrats walked out of the White House meeting with Trump earlier this month, Chuck Schumer said they were “exhausted” after working so long.

“We’ve all been sitting here at this table and at every table before that, talking about this for weeks and weeks and weeks,” Schumer said. “If anyone thought that we were going to be amenable to a border wall, they’re going to be very disappointed tonight.”

The White House disagreed, saying Schumer and Pelosi “refused to negotiate.”

4.18 pm. (AS) ― More revelations about the government shutdown emerged on Monday when several Democratic senators revealed documents obtained from the federal government showing the government issued a broad warning in 2017 about the possibility of a deadly coronavirus spreading among U.S. farmworkers. The virus is responsible for the biggest outbreak of respiratory illness in Asia in two decades.

4.10 pm. (AS) ― CNN first reported that Democratic presidential candidate Katheleen Martin is the daughter of the late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The revelation follows recent reports of inappropriate remarks by the justice to Maureen Summers, a writer for Harper’s magazine, and others.

On Monday night, Martin’s campaign manager, Brenda Boynton, told CNN that “all of the allegations about Justice Scalia are wholly untrue and politicized to advance his agenda,” referring to the fact that Martin is a Republican. Martin's campaign has expressed support for President Trump and has called him a “legendary leader.”

3.40 pm. (AS) ― WikiLeaks published its “Information Wars” book, which has an array of material pulled from the history of WikiLeaks. The book, which will be available in all international editions through Jan. 1, 2021, includes a 2016 interview that Julian Assange gave to Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, and an interview with the organization’s editor-in-chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, which is available in Norwegian. The interview about Hrafnsson’s time as editor-in-chief in Icelandic was first published last week.

WikiLeaks published its first book, “Inside WikiLeaks,” in 2007. Since its birth in 2006, WikiLeaks has published hundreds of thousands of documents, many of which were crucial in democracy’s conversation and debate.

1.15 pm. (PT) ― On Monday, Pakistan formally named transgender activist Sabrina Ionescu as its first transgender cabinet member.