Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Media coverage of Guns Down 2019 over the weekend included live footage from Boston's streets of students boycotting class and one protester challenging a student gun owner.

The movement to end gun violence in America came in the wake of school shooting rampages at Parkland, Florida's Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Santa Fe High School in Texas last month, as well as the alleged stabbings at the Oakland, California Jewish Community Center that same month.

The demo in Boston escalated into a gun fight, involving a bystander and a police officer.

The Boston College student who initially brought his AR-15 to the protest was filmed shouting obscenities at a student associate at the University of Massachusetts who asked him for ID.

"This is my constitutional right," the student said while standing in a packed street downtown with friends who held "Ban Assault Weapons" signs. The sign included a picture of the US Constitution in a middle with the words "This Constitution Means Nothing If We Don't Ban Assault Weapons."

"We don't know where you were born, where you came from or what you have. All we know is you chose to join us. That's what we care about," one friend added.

When the student drew a gun in his holster and pointed it at the backpack of the UMass student, the bystander then pulled out his camera phone to capture a scuffle that unfolded, prompting both sides to throw punches.

"Can you repeat my name?" the student accused of interrupting his speech yelled at the bystander.

"Will you call me a man, instead of some garbage?" the UMass student responded.

"Stop calling me garbage," the Boston College student shouted back.

As the argument escalated, security from Copley Square University Police intervened.

"This is our day off from school," the UMass student said. "We were going to get an education here. That's what we work for. The people are your children. We're upset for our children."