Congratulations, you are a tree and you are pretty. But because you are below the eye level of most human beings, you will never be able to use your true, unimpeded strength of vision to see yourself! To add to your insecurities, you will experience many paradoxes and even doubters, thinking that you have really seen yourself or not. How can you tell your true self from a mirror image? Do your wife (if she ever sees herself in a mirror) or self therapist need to be fooled? While there are many other logical ways to discover who we are internally, it is also an issue that has to do with faith. Do we like ourselves or do we not?

Self perception has such consequences because we have our self-perception well-defined as it is the second most held belief system that drives humans. It is the belief that we, just like trees, are "hard-wiring" or "in-stayingable" with our perception, an internal process that dictates who we are.

Unfortunately, as the Roman philosopher Seneca famously said, "You always find what you want, you always forget what you don't want." Our "happy thoughts" can only be produced under the natural laws of nature and our mental models and our media are just extensions of that process. The system cannot change itself, but we can change what we believe, which requires a critical self-discovery.

My study has resulted in the development of a self-discovery game, "The Tree" and many benefits have come out of it. Not only did I develop the game, I have had many epiphanies and found new outlooks. Although not a completely new idea, "the Tree" concept centers on four activities of vision itself: because we are light-sensitive creatures, how we perceive the light coming through our eyes affects the way our brain processes the world. In doing so, the "self" becomes recognizable in the form of a tree or a self-generated image of ourselves. A self, according to Albert Einstein, is a creation of the brain.

The beauty of "The Tree" game is that it is interactive and accessible to everyone. Anyone can play along for a great challenge and get new ideas about the self. It is the game that has to be applied on a personal level and that is only achievable by shedding your experiences of self-doubt.