Staples and TLC's 'My First Grocery Shop' -- a prequel to my upcoming Food Network series 'L'artista'.

When I first heard the idea of reality television, I thought it was just a joke. But then, when I met with 'The Great British Bake Off' creator, Lord Sugar's team, and 'My First Grocery Shop' producer Julia Dick, it became very clear that reality television could be a really interesting and engaging format. I'm excited to unveil my brand new brand new series this year!

When I decided to film 'My First Grocery Shop', I decided to do it using shoppable content and my own shoppable pieces to help inform and guide the journey of this luxury trip! I've seen just how few companies have the time and resources to make their brands shoppable, so it made perfect sense to create a reality television show that tells the story of shoppable content! And it's great that Lord Sugar has joined my team and loves the show, it's a dream come true!

All-in-all I was delighted to go on this amazing adventure, starting with a really great 'six day" supermarket shopping experience, but what I discovered that threw me a little off was the shopping...I completely underestimated how stressed and tight a schedule shopping would be! I realised that it's a whole different experience from the shopping on the outside, shopping on the inside is all about relationships with staff, serving customers, and finding time to get everything you need to do a full day shop.

In the end I completed a full Avant Garde shopping trip; a total and utter sensory overload - perfect for families and the busy working person. When it was all over, I made a selection of food that I could easily cook using all of the products, all the food that I had in my possession! I also made the full product selection of cupcakes and soaks, that I could make and serve any way that I wanted. And with that I got my buss working!

That experience was so much fun and will make for a completely immersive finale when viewers see what is new, the quality of fresh ingredients available, and the creativity of the food.

You can also see the inspiration behind this all on my site L'artista; who I am and the whole story behind my journey from being a food artiste. Find me online at .