The U.S. appears to be on the brink of invading Iran. Donald Trump’s statements that he was running the most aggressive military doctrine since World War II have brought about demands from Tehran, which have become slightly more conciliatory. Since both sides have denied the accusation in public, these claims seem to be as far from reality as the South China Sea.

According to the New York Times, the pair agreed to direct talks, whereby U.S. and Iranian officials would meet in a neutral country. The meeting was expected to take place soon, but Iranian spokesmen soon changed their mind, claiming that nothing concrete had been agreed upon. The fact that President Trump’s speech before the United Nations last month regarding the potential Iranian war directly swayed Iran into second guessing themselves.

What a ludicrous comment. He’s told the world that it’s time to act by threatening military action against Iran. They agree to this negotiation after he gave his speech and then tell him not to act on it. It’s not like he’s asked for any more of their money. They even agreed to the arrangement but then act as if they can refuse to follow it. Why? Perhaps their lobbyists and lobbyists on Twitter have convinced them that the truth about their serious peace talks with the United States is not as represented as it’s being portrayed online.

So the people involved in this carefully orchestrated scheme have all moved back in time, selectively editing themselves and their role in history. As an aside, this whole thing is getting really irritating. You can see their strategy clearly in the disparity between their allies and opponents. Donald Trump is basically the literal canniest operator in the world. He controls the entire situation which is why we all just sit here and observe all this untruthful pretense. The Iranians have done nothing wrong. The President of the United States is not telling the truth and neither is he. The only way to remedy this is to follow Twitter and see what they’re selling.