Pasta & meat dishes. It’s what I’ve been making since I was 12, and it’s what my siblings, mother and I consumed in the evenings, growing up. I’ve been seeing it again recently in a very different light, particularly in Milan, where a lot of people like pasta and rice.

But I’ve been noticing that these days, if you don’t want to eat what’s available at the shop, you end up with nothing. You live with a piece of veal no more than 12 months. In Italy it’s not allowed, but in cities, it’s not too difficult. You eat raw pork fat. It’s not pleasant.

But I eat things I’d never have dreamt of before. I look for other ways of seeing things, ways of seeing them with my eyes. Of course I get hungry, I have a market not five minutes away, so I always have something to eat. But Italy always has some kind of special piece of food on offer: in Ravello, in Florence, in Venice. Wherever I’m in I always make a habit of eating with other people, talking to other people, asking for menus.

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