Choosing a website is hard enough, but when you're a celebrity and you need a site that can handle your whole press and images needs, that's when it's starting to get interesting. Do they write it, do they publish it, what kind of facilities does it require, where's the best place to find it, and what can you do to get it in your trailer? We don't have answers to any of these questions yet, but it's still fun to ponder those questions. ClickHole's senior entertainment producer Thea Emrich explains.


It's Monday! Also, it's the day I decided that I was going to hire some writers, and I hired some dudes, and I didn't know what to do with that, so I thought maybe the whole ClickHole thing would be fun. Anyway, here's a look at my Monday-morning rundown as it relates to Website:

I check to see if ANY of my friends are having any drama or good news.

I go to the website. (Thea reads her work. Life At A Website Series #25: Dear Horse.)

I check which one my editors are having off on their trip to Hollywood. (Sadly, it's no-show.)

I read a review on its content.

I answer the emails.

I read some reviews on its content.

I address the email.

I clarify a description of the article.

I write a stinging review of the article.

I go home and sit down with a soda.

And then I go back to my work.


Life At A Website #26: Why Fat People Make The Best Photoshop Mistakes

Thanks for watching ClickHole every Monday morning. I'll see you then!

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