Question: I want a bottle of Corona with my tequila. Is this illegal?

The answer: If you are tequila fan and think drinking Corona with a tequila drinker is wrong, think again. Being an illegal drink or drinker of wine is not illegal. What is illegal in the United States and most of the world is drinking with alcohol. And in the case of Corona with tequila, that would be three different types of alcohol.

Beer and wine are neither illegal nor condone illegal drinking. However, drinking Corona with tequila, whiskey, rum, and hard liquor is not wrong. There is more to celebrating a time-honored tradition than drinking big glasses of Corona without a partner, the kind of champagne/Red Bull combination you probably could not have imagined from childhood.

Holding a copy of our issue reading “Beyond the Guacomole (and Watermelon)” (in March’s print issue) calls out Corona as uniquely celebrating Mexico with a natural, local taste and with a mind-set that goes way beyond the average, northern-border flavored drink.

Ignorance may prevent you from knowing of this, but you need only look beyond your window and backyard to enjoy the flavors that you associate with a part of the United States.