So it's not necessary to lose 40 pounds to be beautiful.

"Boobs are bigger; eyes are bigger; hips are bigger; soul is bigger. The only shape we cannot change is the heart." Jane Fonda, on the subject of women's natural bodies.

Okay, fair enough. Then a body-positive Instagram account called "Lies About Our Bodies" exists and it does a nice job of reminding us of that.

A post shared by People, Lies About Bodies () on Dec 6, 2018 at 6:30am PST

The post about Boobs covers everything that's been called "Western feminism's biggest problem"—insert excuses for why busty women need to lose weight and stop being too curvaceous.

In the post, titled "Let's stop being so self-involved about... everything, babe," the account changes its description to include the stated goal: “let’s not hate everything we see.”

The photo of the busty model is nothing less than artistry of the highest order.

The photographer added a few captions to the post, including:

"I was hoping my first run-in with Boobs would be short, glamorous and simply ‘flat back… showing some side cleavage.’ I was wrong; bitch swamped me with her curves and I had to hack through it in order to get the shot."

"If my boobs looked hard and fuller, who wouldn’t like them? Simple point. Every picture I took today was probably very uncomfortable."

"I also have a pretty natural-looking butt and hips, meaning I can strip back some of the artificial contouring of my pictures to give a real sense of her shape. Much like cartoons."

"I knew I wanted to erase every edit from my photos (all 200 of them) to get a true sense of her without embellishment. I also knew that I had to recreate a previous portfolio and album as I had lost some of the editing tools I already had. So all this day, I photographed my head I hacked from my day planner; then I re-created my part in Boobs albums as digital data I mined in my cloud account. Once I made a selection I shot three photos until I got the one I liked best. I fiddled with it once and picked a never-before-paint job of a freakishly sexy round bed. My photoshop artist then 'inked' some of the digital border, made some lines brighter or darker, etc... I then blended it all together to make it a full album."

The photographer does the rest of the photo in reverse to really portray the perfection and sensuality of the woman's body.

There's nothing beautiful about the picture except that it's wrong. And it's important to remember that to celebrate a woman's self-awareness, beauty and all the other things that make her beautiful in the first place.

What do you think? Does it matter how you take a picture of yourself? Are the hands-out scenarios necessary or liberating? Let us know in the comments below!

(H/T: Newsweek)