Even a master’s degree in something as important as business doesn’t automatically mean a lifetime of knowing and understanding how to succeed in it.

“Even in a business like marketing, there are certain problems or issues that really linger,” says Craig Taylor, author of Teaching to Lead and trainer at Aristotle Institute, the graduate program in leadership and leadership education at Cal State San Bernardino in San Bernardino, California. But instead of feeling like you’re behind when it comes to effective leadership, there are simple ways to practice and master the skills needed to learn and master your profession, Taylor says.

When Taylor sets students up for a successful leadership course, he also prepares them to engage and learn about learning. It’s necessary for the development of the core value of listening and active learning, a step toward leadership development, he says. “Without a focused way to learn, it’s very difficult to be a leader,” he says.

Here are Taylor’s seven tips for learning important things as you master key skills in your craft.

The more you know, the better you understand, Taylor says. But you can’t know everything, so you need to connect it with what’s important in your job. Being proficient at the basics gives you an advantage that can help you develop into a better leader, he says.

As you level up in your career, your learnings will become more specialized. This increases the number of subjects you can cover and makes you more likely to make a true living in the industry, Taylor says.

Learning from others is a good learning vehicle, Taylor says. You can spend two days at the library, learning a book to pass to someone else to broaden your knowledge. Or you can ask around and try to access a network of information and learn.