Don’t bet on Donald Trump fighting back to be the anti-virus warrior he promised to be during his campaign.

Virus Watch highlights a recent shift in how established (and sometimes wealthy) organizations try to beat back lawsuits. The threat of legal action comes from companies, governments, and individuals who want to access private information held by them for corporate and otherwise private reasons.

As Obama’s administration had frequently pointed out, these companies often don’t know that whatever information they receive about other groups could someday be used in court. So they sue for it instead. In doing so, they can make as much money as the business they need to be in — quite possibly more than it would if they’d just shut up and went away.

In a new report, Virus Watch highlights not only the shady characters out there, but also the organization that includes the CEOs of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Manufacturers among its members. The study charts the rise of these to-be-counterfeit trade groups and shows how, in the face of red tape, those who start the suits tend to grow their ranks.