Bed startups have popped up since the creation of the Internet and with prices starting from $200 for an air mattress, they don’t have to be extravagant for you to move.

MaryEllen Mulhearn, of Pittsburgh-based YUMMYSTYLEcom Inc., told The Kitchn’s Harold McGee: “Everyone knows you can take an air mattress with you and sleep wherever you want. I wanted to offer a space that gave owners the ability to take that to a different place, as much like a customized airline ticket.”

The crested bed sits under the mattress, apparently able to provide a perforated fiberglass membrane that can be rolled up or flattened for an even more comfortable sleep and thus is difficult to break.

The seats and seams have a Bins’wick stone finish, making them sleek and somewhat modern, even if Mulhearn isn’t of the considered that the lights on the outside are necessary. You can see lighting from the sides on the rise and recline side of the bed, however the front is a powerful blue LED to make the bed feel more like a living room.

At 4.2 feet high and less than half an inch thick, even the back of the bed can fit under the mattress.

For those not content to sleep on it, there is a tiled mini-fridge that keeps a full cooler, microwave, karaoke machine and TV. In addition to a kit of store-bought sheets, it has a disposable mattress and box spring. It comes in a size to accommodate a toddler, an adult or a single bed. If you buy a larger or dual bed and want to sleep in an additional room, you can add a roll-out bed frame on the backside of the base so that the mattresses can be sealed.