A woman from Ohio is getting a ton of attention online, and not for a good reason.

It all started when a friend of ours on Facebook, Nicole Miranda in West Chester, Ohio, sent one of our intern Dara Howard a quick "photo" to show off to her family.

At first glance, we were a little shocked to see a picture of a pretty 20-something guy that was not her boyfriend. (We have also commented on the dating apps we find online.)

After we thought it over for a few minutes, we realized Nicole is a joker. Her friend bought her a mobile phone, which is where the "mobile phone" side of things came into play.

It's super weird! We were not aware Nicole had one.

And, it gets stranger yet.

Nicole isn't the only one clowning around with a phone.

Jordan Painter's head shot is a classic "man meme" by now. It's a short video he posted two years ago about Tinder and how the app is "made for men only," according to the video.

We've seen Tyler Desue's picture a million times.

The NSFW photos out of OKCupid, where he said he wrote a book called "NSFW Tales from 'OKCupid'" are on the tip of everyone's tongues and tongues.

Oh, and Stephanie Cooper always gets a little funny when she does her Lena Dunham impersonation.

Why wouldn't we?

Danielle Manning is a Millennial. She's living in Seattle and eating ramen noodle bowls by night, and hanging out with the girls in her college dorm by day. You can find her at her blog, Legacy of Nerve.