President Trump is fighting an unprecedented public crisis, marked by contradictions and ideological conflicts, to the detriment of the country and to his own personal interests. It is obvious what would happen to him without God in the White House: the unraveling of his project for the United States. The extent of that project is already manifest. If he were asked today to make a list of the greatest crimes he has committed, he could not start with the one he started with, the deportation of undocumented workers. They are one, even at this advanced stage of the experiment, the wrong policy. He would probably come back to himself, to his verbal attacks on Muslims, the collapse of the Paris climate accord, the backing of the Saudis in its continuous crime against Yemen, and so on.

Even if Mr. Trump’s fellow competitors for the White House fail to lay their hands on any measures to resist his increasingly brutal policies, believers in the sanctity of the American order and a true humanitarian, as opposed to a mercurial, self-interested one, should breathe a sigh of relief. They should realize that they have a better and deeper channel to Trumpian authoritarianism than the alternative. They must then hasten to pray that salvation awaits them there.