The Internet is littered with forums where people angrily complain about strangers trying to sell them things, but many of those who find themselves in someone else’s digital crosshairs take it to a darker level — blaming the fellow online “customer” who nagged them into buying expensive stuff on Facebook. Sound familiar?

In response to this exchange, The Atlantic has compiled a list of tech support symptoms. “I want to read the manual, I want to install the software, I want to do the update, but I don’t get the feedback or feel anything because it’s not working right.” Yes, everyone, there are two sorts of users who are incapable of reading instructions, and you should probably give up trying to fix their hacky malfunction.

But people, there are only two ways to avoid being labeled a “tech support scammer.” 1) Avoid a lot of online strangers or 2) Be a responsible tech customer. They may not be immediately helpful, but you never know. And if you did escape the spotlight, make sure you set reminders, so people know that you’re out of the loop.

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