During the off-season, you play with Legos, deck out your basement with LEGO walls, and test out every single LEGO feature imaginable, but what happens when you have a huge big house and it's time to move back to the city? Not only are there all those hundreds of small changes you need to make just to make the space more user-friendly, but there's also the fact that you're not going to be cashing in on any more Legos because you're going to have to tear apart and rebuild every single space.

If the thought of having to meticulously rebuild your little hobby doesn't sound great, then this product is for you. It's called Cupcakes and Battleships, and it turns the average LEGO set into a Lego version of adult-themed power games like the pirate combat on deck of the Black Pearl from Star Wars.

We're referring to the exteriors, mind you. These LEGO minifigures are modeled after bric-a-brac from other LEGO sets. This means that their faces, bodies, and arms are in fact the exact same as those you'd find if you were checking out Home Improvement or Tool Time for a major life renovation.

I'm gonna be real with you now: When I sat down with an actual LEGO pirate armor outfit, it seemed fairly accurate, but I was never satisfied with it. It just didn't match the iconic look of the Star Wars ship that the figurines represented. What about you? Do you find all the LEGO sets that you play with to look alike?

After the initial image printout, all you have to do is choose which character you want to be; they're absolutely ready to rock their pirate kit. They will start to look just like their LEGO counterparts, and you can practice swinging your peg leg or draining a lifebuoy rod while staring at a life-size person.

The creation portion of the gameplay is up to you. There are two options to play with:

Create your own battles by gathering locations, attacks, and actions with the push of a button.

Build custom armies by accessing the abilities, abilities, abilities of the Lego ships. You can even edit your soldiers using both common and more-advanced features like fan movements and damage points.

You can then even purchase new LEGO sets that will bring your set to the next level by connecting them together. Who knows how far you'll go with this?

Image: Science of Us

These LEGO sets are perfect for small projects, both epic or domestic. To make sure the gameplay doesn't get stale, you can also play against one another. Whoever builds the set the most in a given hour wins, and everyone gets to play in the same way. My advice: skip the single player battles and buy a LOT of sets to build together, and forget about either player (except for the person who won the game once) ever playing against them again, because you could be sitting around a roaring fire on your couch perfecting a princess castle or stirring a ducky pond for years to come.

Cupcakes and Battleships is available now for $50. Have you played it yet?