Normally you'd expect a lot of flashy innovation in vape mods, but even a year ago the clearomizer has been right up there with the best smoke machines. And right up there with the best mods.

Seriously. From last week's CES to today's Japans Gaming Expo, there's been a high level of interest in the latest version of the clearomizer from e-liquid provider

Not only does the company offer a line of mods that are best used together in the same line, but those mods can now be used to charge your vape and extend the battery life of your vape.

The clearomizer ($US70) features the same interface and touches as before, but also uses a new lithium ion battery and an extended USB battery. The other half of the equation comes in the form of two attachments that add the ability to charge an e-cig and light up, and the controller and lifelight.

While all of the mods above come from Herba in Japan, there are two models from European manufacturer Katmierta. The e-cig reformator ($US75) gives you a longer battery life with the added bonus of allowing you to pair it to a laptop. The box mod ($US45) is a similar affair, but without the USB charging tip.

Katmierta doesn't appear to have plans to bring the mods to the US, at least not yet. But whether they ever do or not, I find them to be two of the most intuitive ways to juice up your vape while also adding a few extra gadgets.