I went to an incredible VR Experience in Motegi, Japan. It is housed in an elaborate "Conquest Theater," which is just one small part of what was a three-day techno-futuristic experience. It is pretty impressive and will change how you feel about VR. It happens without a camera on your head. It is not directed by a "viewer," it doesn't have story or narrative which is typically some of the most intriguing parts of these experiences. It is the part that makes it truly, truly awesome and thrilling.

The fun begins with the 2-D film before entering the awesome theater. It’s a VR experience and it is not in a movie theater. It seems magical from the get-go. When a man and a woman walk onto stage, he addresses her with an evil look on his face, her expression is sullen and her mascara is running down her face. The look is a chilling precursor to what follows.

I was standing in front of a fake cardboard poster which is meant to represent a Black or white background for the film. As I watched on screen, the man on stage asked me if I wanted a taste of what he was going to experience. He goes further, saying "do you want to feel the digital world?"

Now this is not just an “adult VR” experience, he is talking about the equivalent of a 10-year-old's song or dance. Don’t believe me? This experience is called “GO VIDEO” and it is also called "Igor." Every element of this experience has a double meaning. It is meant to be an experience for adults and children. Children are like this man's "bottom line", a social component of this experience which is meant to make this man feel something in this digital world.

"Igor is designed to be a uniquely immersive virtual reality ride. In the first interactive episode, the VR experience starts to feel like an interactive short video that is being presented to the VR user. The central theme of the first episode is the journey of black magic, the four demonic spirits, with the four different versions of Igor. In the third episode the story continues and follows Igor’s journey as he attempts to recover a magic lantern. The fourth and final installment is the overthrow of the demon Alethea.”

Watch this video and feel the magic in your body. The journey is about the narrative of faith. The company would be honored if you share their news in the comments. They say the overall experience is multi-sensory like watching a 3D, 360-degree video – unlike most VR or AR experiences in this day and age, it’s a 5D experience, in other words, you can smell the smoke, taste the tears, hear the score. If you are looking for a VR experience in the future, whether you are watching a movie or this exciting content, this is it.

During the film I felt like I was falling into the visceral 3D world, because the flow of the film, the digital effects and the camera work was immersing. The feelings are intoxicating.