Your soulmate may not be out there. No, it’s not cold-blooded someone that we seduce into a relationship. Instead, the perfect soulmate will be closer to home.

That’s the foundation of Mezi. For women, it’s all about our inner, “Love, Juliet,” heroes. First of all, the site is beautifully designed, as will let you know from the outset. But more importantly, it’s straightforward and serves to convey your mood and desire in a very simple way. No more dragging through the traditional phone app or look and feel of Facebook.

On the app, you choose one of your character’s 13 emotions and choose the ideal date and location. And that’s it. (The site also works on mobile phone and TV screens.) Plus, you can edit your make-up.

After you choose an individual, you can start exploring the possibilities. Even though it is not as straightforward as Tinder, the site functions nicely enough and shows you several profiles to choose from. The icon should be easy to use, no matter what your romantic instinct is.

Mezi displays a woman’s profile on a horizontal scale, which functions well in terms of my illustration style. The interface also works well for larger icons that aren’t so much illustrations.

Essentially, Mezi combines several apps in a nice, easy to navigate experience.

And, it’s free.