Jamie Washington might be the ultimate “little-league hockey dad.” His son, Brice, plays for the legendary Potomac Nationals — yes, the Nationals — an organization that he oversees. As town manager of Phoenixville, Pa., a 5,600-resident town two hours northwest of Philadelphia, Washington is responsible for running the day-to-day operations for a town in which membership in the police department rivals that of the county coroner’s office.

He’s a former police officer (“had enough”), a graduate of George Washington University, where he got his political start on the student council, and the son of a judge. Despite his polish, which extends to his carpet-throwing and quipping (“I’ve got a God-given right to celebrate my mother’s funeral”), Washington never misses a third birthday party for his youngest, "Chateau Bacon." He and his wife, Tatianna, spend weekends in Florida and on vacation in Italy. Washington writes music for a living and isn’t above doing a few scream contests in the middle of town if the gig comes up. After a gig on the 9 p.m. news, he will start making his way to the police department. “When I see them on TV, and I saw one recently that had the chocolate cake out on a bed of flowers, I gave them 50 bucks. It’s funny how I started out kind of cool, but now I’m that guy.”