This Friday, Jan. 12, a picture has gone viral that is both hilarious and incredibly sad to say the least. It is a picture of a young man sitting alone at a trivia table playing Trivia.

The photo, taken on a February night, when it was cold out, and there is a pool table at the center. The point of the fact is that no one is there with him, and the photo is taken of him sitting alone.

There are at least three or four of us in this photo, three or four very close friends, and we aren't together because... well because of no one else, at least.

Okay, so for those of you who aren't here to explain it to you, we are a trivia group called Born Here, Montreal, Canada. We gather every Friday night and play Trivia in Northside Bar and Grill, about a two and a half hour drive from our house in Montreal.

(We love the 'P' part of our name, but we had no idea where the 'Montreal' bit came from. Oh well.)

If you are reading this right now, you are probably wondering how anyone could afford to play Trivia and you're right, we play at a bar. I remember talking to a couple of our friends about us playing at that bar and they were saying how it must be terrible to pay $8 for Trivia, and I was like "yeah that's funny," or something. That was actually our first night in Montreal. Yeah, Trivia at a bar.

As our group of friends grew and we started growing closer, playing Trivia together became harder. We were basically split down the middle between those who were more of the varsity team, who went to gym, and the ones who thought they had enough skill to play but not enough to excel. What would happen is that we'd play a terrible game, and our teammates would be getting shamed and made fun of, for not being good enough.

This could be a problem if that's your main game, but it just seemed like a waste to have to beat other people when we could just go out and have a great time. I told myself we'd get better, but then one day I went to Montreal weekend to play at a friend's house. I think they knew we would be at their house for trivia, and then we met at the bar. It was cold and the game was old and beat up, but our friends were there and were super supportive, so the game was fun and we lost. It was just all in the process of growing up.

Obviously someone isn't winning in our standing/bottom line so we are all at different places right now, and one of us isn't playing Trivia. It's really sad. We need our teammate back in a game where he or she can shine.