Mandy Moore of “This Is Us” fame never thought she would run for public office. That was until she was approached by a group of Californians. Now Moore is set to make her debut, at the March 23 local election in Ventura County, where she has taken her home as a base. And the way she sees it, becoming an official involves a lot of campaigning.

The grueling “organizational side” of running for office, she said in an interview, is “just annoying,” but as a former singer with ample television experience, she could bring a lot to the table as the hometown councilwoman. “I think I’d do a really good job,” she said.

Moore’s interest in politics – after making a political splash in a strikingly off-brand way — has come via a local-level initiative. Through her initiative, known as Building, Diversity and Inclusion, or BI, she brought public attention to what she sees as a loss of diverse voices to the community. She’s keen to bring a “strong voice to local government.”

“One of the biggest challenges for her is getting people who support diversity of voices into a position of governing, and not relying on the sort of inoffensive voice of the establishment,” Elizabeth Lewis, an organizer with the Grassroots Politics program at NYU’s Thompson Center for Public Leadership, told the Ventura County Star.

“There are a lot of people who aren’t willing to fight for what they really believe in,” Moore said. “And not only will this position give me the opportunity to become more active on something I feel is worthy, but it gives me the ability to make a difference for something that I genuinely believe in.”

Read the full story at the Ventura County Star.


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