Since its last title in 2014, N.C. High School has never won the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament. With the playoffs finally underway this weekend, the Lady Bruins finally get to make a bid for an undefeated run. But instead of rat-like wags and bloodthirsty predators, N.C. High has each and every one of its players covered with fur.

Sasha Barnett, Rachel Herlihy, Grace Harbin, Julianna Cobb and Emmalyn Shultz are furry animals who are essentially in charge of the Madison (N.C.) Lady Bruins. The Washington Post's Bethany Mandel writes that these fuzzy assistant coaches (they hide their school identity on basketball jerseys) do everything from feeding and cleaning up their players to giving them texts from the head coach and keeping each one from getting too high or too low.

On top of being an animal-themed team, N.C. High has an eclectic roster and three exceptional point guards who are well-coached, stay away from foul trouble and can pick apart defenses in a way that the deck can't be stacked against them.