I love the New Year. I love it when I can say, “I am going to do this!” And I love it even more when I actually follow through with that resolution.

But I’ve recently realized there’s something wrong with how people are often rewarded for taking actions. Not getting something you’ve set out to do often gets us in the habit of taking less of an action when it comes around again and again. You start to think “I can’t make this work right now” and then never do it.

This year, I wanted to test this methodology on myself.

By monitoring my goals and my life, I’ve been able to figure out the best ways to deliver those two things.

Mental coach

First of all, I like giving myself goals and steps. I’m fortunate to have access to coaching for multiple areas of my life, so I have coaches, as well as coaching advisers.

As I followed up with myself more for this year, I found myself actually pushing myself to see my goals realized. If I had better results, I wanted to know more about what I could do next.

When I would hit hurdles and challenges, whether it was in my personal life or in business, I didn’t wait until the next week, or next month. I gave myself a deadline so I wasn’t just having tough talk.

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