I think being good friends with your best girlfriend is unique and special. I remember being 18 or 19 years old and having my best girlfriend become my best friend. Me and my friend would always hang out together after college. She was my best friend and I think sometimes in our lives we forget the girl who was the best friend and the biggest supporter. She was all I had.

When we got divorced we became best friends again. We laugh and talk every day. She has become my mentor and my teacher. She has become my best friend and I’m happy to call her the best of all of us. She is so kind to me and so supportive. We have lived in parallel for so long that she has become part of my family.

I was over in India and I was watching this documentary which was about women. There was a woman who never had a dad and had to go to a foster family with her parents who were with her. Her daughter came up to her and asked her how her daughter was doing. Her daughter came and asked her this and she replied, “My best friend.” It’s an amazing story. The other thing I came across was a talk show where an actress was having a dialogue with a Muslim woman. Their response and surprise they were sharing really hit me. It showed that that’s just how it is and I was so moved by that.

This podcast is all about stories of love, love between couples and love between women. [I’m talking about] conversations you have with the people who know you the best in your life.

Sometimes we forget what that relationship is really like, what that girl on the street in the hip-hop video is really like. Sometimes a girl is your best friend, but sometimes that’s what you don’t see.