Here’s a different way to educate people about the importance of breast self-exams. This bus stop sign posted in New York's Bronx borough is so realistic, it’s hard to tell it’s not actually a real safety barrier.

The sign, made by artist Cameron Hodgkinson, has a caption: “Tight beanies, external eyebrows, cleavage and an interior toilet seat do not spell self-exam success!”

It’s most definitely fake, but it’s still a creative way to push breast cancer awareness for all you women out there, while reminding you that normal breasts are not the problem.

The sign was only supposed to be a temporary piece, designed to be made and taken down quickly. But since it was spotted by one artist after another, it’s become a pop culture sensation.

The department of transportation has received quite a few complaints about the sign. In fact, some people think the sign may be offensive.

"Here are some best quotes: 'Are they the kind that go down the road for good?' (Satirical, coming from a male) 'Nip, middle finger, move over for me, go with my style' ('Whitney Beall'), 'Up like ugly p---y on the top-notch dope' ('Jason Reese), 'Oh, hi. I know how you feel.' 'I tell it like it is.' 'Wholly inappropriate, most appropriate?'" New York traffic reporter

The bizarre sign has so many meanings — some positive, some not, and some are intentionally obscure.

The "bra comes out in winter" sign makes sense — at least to a man who thinks chest bones are all part of his bowels. (They're not.)

"There's nothing at the top of your head, but I did see you on National Night Out," says the "bye, bye" sign. (One of our all-time favorite signs, even though it's not literal.)

The same "breast is messy" sign goes on: "When I looked down to check it, it looked a little messy, but I figured I could brush the dust off." (ahem.)

The sign we're most concerned about is the sign that reads "Breast drainage too much?" We hear that you can't flush it with pee.

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