We almost did it again. Again.

For the third time this week, a fellow clickalong asked us for e-mails. The first couple were about this after-birth rape joke guy.

Things started out nicely.

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Well that was until this next one came in.

The champion of this round was a frustrated cab driver.

He wanted to know how I would tell a class action suit that he was involved in the rape of an innocent woman.

We’re sure it was about this other jerk as well.

Alas, the messianic Tickler is nowhere to be found.

That is until the cat walks in.

Okay, fine. Maybe not in a legit manner.

He’s coming in a lot these days though.

Maybe he’s thirsty for that last ounce?

This is getting lame. It’s like Aids.

We decided to look around and spot some of his many more recent incidents.

Is he somehow a threat to society?

Seems like it. We don’t have the evidence right now to say for sure.

Is he being targeted specifically because of how Stinky He Really Is?

We’re not sure. It may just be that he walks around getting spray painted on.

We can’t say whether it’s accidental or not.

But you know what we can say? He’s a pain in the ass.

Is this some sort of future test?

Come up with a plan!

If this is what will happen if we help this man, we can’t be having anymore of this!