One young boy's mom filmed an incredible close-up of his “weak” heartwarming encounter with his mom and dad.

Timber tweets:

So a few weeks ago, my mom and dad put me in with some kids so I could clean the kitchen. I didn't want to go because there was supposed to be an hour left and they made me scrub down the whole kitchen and anything that wasn't nailed down. Well, the kids sat me down and all of them hated me. Then the little guy next to me gave me a toy gun. At first, I thought he was going to shoot me, then he handed it to me and said, "you don't want to die." I cried and got off the floor and sat up. I watched them walk away with this box. Well. before my parents got the box of crap, they gave me a question. It was exactly what I think they were thinking, "Can you not care who the people you love are." At first, I tried to say, "I'm fine, I'm fine. I guess my heart just doesn't work very well." I didn't want to cry. When they walked back into the room, I just wanted to do anything to help them.

Timber’s mom posted the priceless video on the Make-A-Wish Foundation You Tube page, which has already gotten more than 9 million views. It’s the touching footage that leaves us all asking: how can anyone possibly love someone who would tell them that they can’t be bothered to love them back? It’s a sensitive question, to be sure, but more than a little bit heartbreaking.

Keep following Timber’s journey with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Bakersfield, California, and get updates on his growing relationship with his new friends!

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-Chiara Manly