Your Picks For the Best Week In Fiction 2018 Here are the several installments in our yearly reader’s choice series to jog your memory about this year’s best fiction in print. Have something to share about a read you enjoyed? Post a comment, or tell us on Twitter!

For readers with a fondness for the short story, Spriggy is the perfect book for them. The story is told in sparse, direct prose, and there’s a sense of real weight to every page. (But most definitely no one can get away with ending with a suicide.) If you’re looking for a young adult novel that will establish itself as a classic, this is the one to start with.

Owls Are a Chicken’s Friend The best nongoornose crow in North America is also possibly the most acrobatic. In a sly joke that finds a humorous lilt in birds’ regal plumage, David Pimentel provides a sometimes-heartbreaking and always heartwarming exploration of the life of a subordinate crow with its unique set of skills.

Two Libraries A charming, beautifully written, and excellent mystery about the tensions between inmates and teachers at the same Brooklyn halfway house. Scottie Rhodes does a terrific job building her tale out of a small town and a college campus, while expertly holding the reader’s interest in even the tiniest details.

Dancer With a Broken Heart Alexandra Petri’s latest book was hailed by Oprah as one of the best books of 2018. Who didn’t love reading it? It is the story of a woman whose lonely marriage becomes a refuge for the self-destructive character she once was.