She’s featured in over 2,000 makeup tutorials, and now Jackie Aina has joined the ranks of that is-her-real-name-Cate Moghe, when Cate posted that she’s feeling like she no longer has a job. Yes, Jackie Aina actually featured Cate’s vlog (which has more than 740,000 subscribers), in her most recent post.

“I won’t bore you with the riveting details but the gist is she and her friend were cutting out blooms (they’re out West!) for the kitchen and they’re both dealing with a shitty period and also irritable bowel syndrome,” she explained. “Cate had the thriftiest makeup, which is why I knew she would know her DIY craftiness. Plus, I just started practicing a little tutorial on my own and I was curious how she would handle my own makeovers.”

Of course, it did not take long for accusations to begin circulating about Cate’s identity. (Her Instagram bio reads “Cate Moghe” and that’s what she appears to be using on her YouTube channel.) “In fact, some people even think she’s a white woman and that she’s pretending to be a black woman in order to get paid to appear in videos,” Jackie told ClickHole. “She ended her original video about being laid off with her fans and followers screaming. And that’s when I realized, ‘What if she was too emotional to finish filming? She was crying. She was shaking. I know she has never felt more worthless in her entire life.’”

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The BeyHive has chimed in, too, with some shushing Jackie. “What did you do to her?” one person asked. “Bring her back?”

And if people aren’t enough, she actually said she’s being cyberbullied: “The comments were as harsh as they’ve ever been,” she said. “I have a personal connection with my fans because I care for them and make them feel like they have a voice even when the internet feels really creepy about her.”

She continued, “Because of how much the internet blew this up, I realize I can’t separate myself from this aspect of my career. Not anymore. If this was me, I would have given up at that point.” Jackie said she feels she’s been put into the position of mediator.

OK but why did she help with this vlog, in the first place? “My brother is a videographer and he had the coolest studio I’ve ever seen,” she said. “We had a hot bed. We had a dance floor with Champagne. She’s a newbie in this industry. I know how much she loves her craft and I know her heart. I felt a responsibility to guide her even though she was shaking so much.”

Just wanted to bring something good out of a mess!