Written by By Staff Writer Atosse Otubu, CNN

"Someone should tell Vladimir Putin that Donald Trump is not his puppet," cracked Tim Stone, a stentorian British Trump impersonator, addressing a CNN public affairs discussion in November 2016. "Donald Trump will do what he wants."

The headline might have been a Trump victory, but it wouldn't have been Putin's. Trump didn't win the election. He was defeated.

The defiant early statements of Stone, the then-nanny of Scottish model and Playboy Playmate Shauna Sexton, and her alleged paramour, then-New York businessman Trump, constituted a blatant act of mimicking the work of the Scotland-based anti-Trump campaign started by Angus Robertson, the then-leader of the Scottish National Party.

Comparing calls to Robertson, Stone proclaimed: "The Trump experiment hasn't worked out."

Stone's challenge to Robertson -- not even officially in office -- didn't sink into account in the months that followed the tight election. A campaign that, by many accounts, benefited from the outcry of nearly a million Britons who returned to the polls the very next day to elect pro-EU Prime Minister Theresa May.