When you wake up and find yourself staring down at your keyboard, bent over a laptop or tablet with zero energy, and no shortage of too many things you need to get done, it can be tough to remember you're a human with an actual body and not a digitally-induced character in a game.

Now, a new app called TimeLet has been released that promises to help put a sense of game-like energy into your day-to-day life. Rather than focusing on one small goal at a time, TimeLet breaks your tasks down into daily time blocks, which you can then track, share, and exercise on social media.

Between TimeLet's details on daily deadline amount, goal milestones, and task progression, many of the aforementioned habits and considerations the app uses to help you reach your goals can actually be applied to your days as a whole. And hey, why not embrace your inner-gamer and learn about the science behind time-blocking in order to better your entire life?

Honestly, this could have some pretty awesome repercussions for your daily life. If you're looking to learn more about time-blocking, follow this Reddit thread on the topic.