NEW YORK—In response to popular demand, the mobile dating service Tinder announced Monday that all users will be given the ability to opt in to dynamic swiping, giving every user the option to switch their chosen profiles on and off in a single swipe. “Starting today, Tinder users will have the ability to opt in or out of dynamic swiping, enabling them to customize their Tinder experience by simply selecting from millions of uniquely personalized matching profiles,” Tinder founder Sean Rad said of the service’s enormous policy overhaul, adding that Tinder will now be able to provide users with a more accurate chance of finally meeting their match and enabling users to present a more personal profile, do more research, or—of course—reserve a table at Alto. “We wanted to give users full control of their personal Tinder experience, allowing them to better their chances of finding a compatible match by not only selecting a different profile photo, swiping left for a less fit profile, or swiping right on the most attractive profile, but also by simply changing your profile altogether by clicking ‘Swipe Away.’ Tinder doesn’t always need to simply match a user up with a stranger, nor does it need to lead users to believe they’ve found their true love.” The company further revealed that active Tinder users will now be awarded over four billion swipes each month, doubling the number of times users have swipe-right their profiles to find a potential match.