SAN FRANCISCO—Tinder officials confirmed Monday that the dating app has taken steps to dramatically alter its Matchmaking feature in an effort to improve its matchmaking abilities. “The changes we’ve made are designed to remove the friction and noise that keeps a majority of Tinder users from having the experience they want,” said Tinder chief Ted Leonsis, who noted that the changes included making it easier for users to reject matches they don’t approve of and switching up some of the algorithm’s sorting rules. “A lot of the initial changes made to connect users were pretty straightforward—adding a post or two about the match to your profile or sending a message if someone has failed to message you, but many other changes include more targeted messages and the ability to quickly react to other users in the app. So, good news: We’ve got major changes coming for sure.” Though Leonsis declined to reveal the specific changes, he indicated that Tinder’s current design is just the first step in its mission to provide a more intuitive experience with the minimum amount of friction.