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British Prime Minister Theresa May and British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson were on opposite sides of the Brexit debate a few weeks ago, but on Monday Johnson was trying to look like a peacemaker and May was in a huddle with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar to discuss the terms of an agreed-upon Brexit agreement.

Europeans were still dealing with Superstorm Dennis, which forced people to evacuate their homes in North and South Carolina and forced disruption to rail, air and road travel. Over the weekend, spring snow made for major accumulations and delays in the Northeast. Meanwhile, unusually cold temperatures, with some feeling as cold as minus-40 degrees Fahrenheit, continued in the U.S. East Coast.

In other headlines:

Politico reported that Trump tweeted Saturday that he supported all of Alabama’s residents affected by tornadoes, even those who voted for Democratic Sen. Doug Jones. When asked about the tweet, a senior administration official told Politico that Trump “could not be more wrong.”

Politico also reported that top economic officials are pushing for Trump to make global trade better at a time when a campaign promise to bring jobs back to America seems dead in the water.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) asked for a compromise on the U.S.’s five-year-old debt ceiling: A deal with Democrats to increase the debt ceiling by three years in exchange for a trigger that would impose additional spending cuts on the government if Congress did not raise spending limits — no matter which party controls the government.

While New York remains paralyzed by snow, New Yorkers and New Jerseyans were due to get their first glimpses of the 2020 campaign as Democratic candidates for president began lining up to meet one another at fundraisers and meet with voters.

The weather in the U.S. was the “worst of February,” according to one meteorologist, the New York Post reported.

The Washington Post reported that Republican Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner denied a report that called his actions the highest-paid sex scandal in state history.

The Windsurfing World Cup came to D.C. today for the first time in a decade — and even though there wasn’t a strong wind to test our big boards, we pulled in a crew of Washington Post journalists to check out the sites.

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