Mrs. Wilson vs. Mr. Ellis

A Dallas woman believes Vicky Brazzil was told by a professor she could not talk to her boyfriend, later arrested, in the heat of the moment on an airplane, then had her chance taken away. The Times last week followed the woman’s journey. Read about the dinner, where Brazzil would meet a lawyer; their conversation about her plane troubles; and her lawyer’s reaction to the dean’s comment on Facebook. Read this version of Brazzil’s encounter here.

Perhaps it is because I am a broadcaster that the story is familiar to me, because my grandfather used to tell me how a station director stood in my grandmother’s office and told her she couldn’t interrupt the local news in order to respond to my grandmother, who was extremely upset about something the woman was saying.

But Ms. Brazzil wants us to know that she wasn’t speaking to the professor — she was addressing her boyfriend, Taylor Ellis. Mr. Ellis was not her intended audience. Had his girlfriend called to him, he would have been too much in the way. As the professor told Brazzil: “I will say I would hope that you would not have re-run that conversation again the next time the plane lands.”