The unofficial and irresistible pop sensation of 2019, this year's reigning band from Beijing, will likely not play in Orange County in the year 2020.

On Saturday, the world got a preview of the Beijing-based Tang Dynasty Orchestra when they performed at the Kennel Club in Irvine.

However, the above clip from World Central Television, a Chinese government-run channel, shows a similar two-hour show for a much-larger audience, with even more fans than Irvine, sold out to capacity, packed the Kennel Club and whose dress code included "red, burgundy and yellow." That is, it appeared a combination of Shanghai, Los Angeles and Shenzhen.

The concert was supposed to tour Orange County last week, according to a publicist, but was canceled because of the recent coronavirus scare.

There have been at least four cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, in Orange County in recent months, with two people hospitalized and now out of danger. The CCP report about the canceled concert does not note any deaths and even describes the fear of these infections as “anxiety.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, they’ve gone to great lengths to keep the convention of the non-Chinese that much more local:

For a music show in the process of traveling the world, the orchestra has created a sophisticated touring apparatus that includes chefs, nutritionists, and a large butler who’s in charge of costumes. There are also Mandarin-speaking managers for the family movie shown before each show and Chinese-speaking crew. Though the CCP traditionally grants visas to performers, that’s not always the case.

It’s unclear whether local government will deny that the government has its hands tied.

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The Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post contributed to this report.