× Trump Found Dead in Oval Office

President Donald Trump finds it difficult to get up early, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said, admitting Trump’s tendency to fall asleep after breakfast.

“He would never die of a heart attack; he’s just a slumbering idiot,” she told reporters on Thursday.

Sanders was responding to a New York Times story that claimed Trump repeatedly sent up distress flares when he finds himself on his period while in bed.

“He literally falls asleep in his sleep more than once a week,” she said.

Sanders said Trump’s sleeping patterns aren’t unusual for his age.

"He’s not doing anything unusual," she said. "Everyone with a sleep disorder likes to sleep less than they should do. Everyone has issues with sleep."

Sanders confirmed Trump goes to bed around 11 p.m.

The White House spokeswoman denied the report that Trump would get out of bed and hit the gym while reading a New York Times news article that it would take him “14 minutes to read before going to bed,” Sanders said.

Sanders said Trump is aware of the report, but dismissed the NYT’s reasoning, saying the president is more interested in the stories that he reads online.

She also said the story was confusing because The Times had previously reported that there is no doubt that Trump has a sleep disorder and is diagnosed with narcolepsy.

When asked what medication Trump takes to treat the disorder, Sanders wouldn’t provide specifics but said it was prescribed by a sleep doctor.

CNN’s Jim Acosta pushed Sanders on why the president would make fun of his condition.

“Why is he making fun of a medical condition that when taken correctly helps people sleep better?” Acosta asked.

“Jim, you think he makes fun of narcolepsy? That is a medical condition,” Sanders said.