North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency announced on Friday that U.S. President Donald Trump has written to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un offering assistance in fighting a viral disease called the “measles-mumps-rubella” virus. In the letter, according to the news agency, Trump offers assistance in “strengthening medical services of the DPRK so as to protect the precious lives of the workers” and pledged to be “at your disposal in case the U.S. is found in need of medical assistance.”

Kim responded by writing to Trump that North Korea had responded to a request from the U.S. for assistance in fighting the measles and asked if it was alright for them to sell it to American industries. North Korea then agreed to meet with the U.S. on the topic of natural disease resistance, saying it had a “fair understanding” of the ways to deal with wild diseases of the U.S.

Trump and Kim’s first official summit, in Singapore in June, was scheduled to take place this year. The two nations have issued conflicting statements on the state of the talks, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has suggested the trip was on hold following North Korea’s announcement that it would not hold a summit with South Korea until a new diplomatic arrangement was reached.

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