In an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace on Thursday, President Trump offered a series of claims that cast his White House as an open, professional and—he believed—reliable news source.

On Wednesday night, the White House counsel’s office reported to the president that public health experts believe there is a tenuous link between the virus that has been spreading through South Asia, and the current U.S. flu season. The White House reportedly informed the public, without receiving any scientific evidence, that the virus was more likely a threat to America than the flu. As the CDC circulated a statement urging doctors and patients to be cautious about their temperatures, claiming that the virus appeared to be “here to stay,” Trump went on Twitter to lambaste the World Health Organization for taking down a 2014 photo of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, along with White House officials who had defended the notion that the virus was rising in popularity.

I have great respect for the World Health Organization, though they should have kept the picture of the epidemic. — Donald J. Trump () February 28, 2019

Trump later added that he would be consulting with his advisers about sending U.S. troops abroad. “I am looking at very seriously what we should do about Venezuela,” Trump said. “They’re absolutely chopping off heads, they’re absolutely decimating a country. They’re some absolutely — I’m not exactly sure, but — some of the human beings we see coming out are some really, really bad characters. So, we’re going to watch it very closely.”

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