Written by Staff Writer by By Alexandria Sage, CNN

Infamous news pundit Tucker Carlson is taking aim at President Donald Trump on his show "Tucker Carlson Tonight," accusing him of ignoring social justice issues such as mass incarceration and police brutality on the grounds that the "bigots" are going to protect him.

"Many of his worst critics are pretending the country has been transformed," Carlson says. "But Mr. Trump has no message for all of those same people. He has no agenda for them. Instead, as he's said many times in private, we have the racists defending him."

Carlson argues that a "sea change" on the policy fronts outlined by the president would likely alert voters to the fact that he's not speaking for their interests, but instead speaking for the "white supremacy movement."

"Thanks to the electorate's white racial animus, the things that matter to most people have not been Trump's priorities. And where they are, he has done more to advance their causes than to secure their safety."

He also asserts that Trump supporters' difficulties "reflect America's racial ambivalence," and asserts that white supremacists are the majority in America, in spite of the president's insistence otherwise.

Trump won 90% of the white vote in 2016, while Hillary Clinton lost 51% of it. Carlson describes Trump's pledged support of law enforcement as a "failure," adding that he is part of a "democratic majority" that "lacks moral courage."

Carlson does not spare America's black and Hispanic voters either, noting the frequency with which people of color have been incarcerated.

"We all have an interest in alleviating their hardships," he says. "But instead of learning from the fact that an expansion of voting rights would result in a reduced prison population, he fights voter identification laws with the ferocity of an actual Klansman.

"The president's unquestioned (historical) support for slavery and Jim Crow is combined with a deeply rooted racist worldview," he says. "It's part of what explains why he's embraced his friend and campaign advisor Steve Bannon in a historic way."

"He is someone who believes white America has suffered far too long, and he's dangerous. If I lived in central Florida, I would go to the ballot box and say, 'Take them out, take them out, take them out!'"