Whether you’re a Tea Party malcontent, a Roe-loving Texan or a seasoned consumer of bottled drinks, most people like a cold beer, gin or whatnot. What they don’t like is people who ask them what they’re drinking (or worse, showing pictures of themselves drinking). In fact, the hangovers from such confrontations are incalculable.

Wine would always be a no-no for the latter group, as would canned soda, but now there’s a beverage that might persuade them: J Crew’s J Crew Starter iPhone case, manufactured by The German American Products Co. In addition to a soft drink bottle with a holder for a phone, the case also comes with a couple of bottles of beer.

Last year, this column described the juice company Sobe Clean as a vanguard of “more fashionable alternatives to pesticide-laced, mechanically extracted, farmed juice.” J Crew is literally reinventing the bar. It has bigger prizes in mind, such as say, a swanky men’s suit. I don’t recall the first time I had a Corona, though I wouldn’t be surprised. And in recent years I’ve noticed that a certain European suds brand has risen in popularity. Maybe it’s a bit too much for even J Crew.