On Monday, Twitter released a brand new version of its Vine app to everyone. The original app was developed and released by Twitter in 2012 and then shut down in 2016. This is Twitter’s first new app release in almost three years.

Twitter did not confirm a reason for the launch, but many people believe it may be to re-launch the Vine app. A report posted by MarketWatch and posted by Twitter began suggesting that this may be the case, but at the time, there was no confirmation. The unveiling of the new version also comes at a time when Twitter is faced with controversy due to its post-election coverage.

With the aftermath of the United States’ 2018 Presidential elections, the social media network has been criticized for their handling of their channel posts, which people were able to watch live. Since then, Twitter has also removed the ability for users to record and view content, and has also changed its rules.

Vine founder Rus Yusupov has not commented on the new version, and he will probably remain silent until Twitter releases official numbers.

At the time the original Vine app was released in 2012, Vine would play a short looping video on top of a musical track, usually with a variety of sound effects. Vine was a platform designed specifically for people who wanted to record themselves doing random stuff.

Vine has a basic interface and a simple icon on the top left of the screen, and a loop indicates a play. To record a Vine, just tap the “record” button. Once the video is taken, it will play a loop on top of whatever you added to the soundtrack. Once the video ends, you will be able to save it, share it via social media channels, or delete it from your library.

Within the Vine library, users could create a variety of videos to their own music and combine them together into one. Vines could be ages-old, silly, funny, or terrible. Vines could also be recorded in near real-time, which was quite unlike anything on the web at the time.

Vine was popular enough for it to be named a “Best New Media Social Technology” award winner at CES in 2013.

Even when Vine was no longer a part of Twitter, many people continued to use the app or found it in their phones without having to log in. They may have thought of it as an option, until it was finally shut down. Since that time, there has been a ton of new apps launched. Facebook seems to be at the forefront of these, and often has new, similar apps on its App Store and Google Play.

Vine also had its share of parody apps such as Rolling its own Vine app to create its own Comedy app for the sake of comedy app users. These apps did not seem to provide any real value, and it seems like Twitter is just trying to drive a bit of buzz and excitement with a new version of the app.

Once you have it, you can even tweet from the app itself, though it may not be as conducive to sharing videos. Although the original Vine was fun to play with, I think Twitter should focus on what it does well as a whole instead of giving it another spin off.

The updated Vine app seems pretty solid and will more than likely take over from the existing Vine experience. Twitter is going to need all the new apps it can find to increase its popularity and stay ahead of newer, better apps like Instagram and Facebook.