Two French doctors who were infected with the severe respiratory disease Coronavirus and died last October were employees of a company in eastern Germany. German public broadcaster ZDF reported that the two doctors who worked for the company were working under surveillance for the lab where the Coronavirus was made, and so were therefore more vulnerable to infection. As a result, the company’s offices were evacuated and searched by German authorities, who charged employees of the company with exporting the Coronavirus to foreign countries. The Coronavirus disease, which has killed about half of the cases so far, has caused at least 23 deaths so far.

While French officials point to the exposure of the two doctors to the Coronavirus as the reason why they did not make the death certificate, some health experts have questioned whether it is a sufficient explanation for why the epidemics were so high in both the second and third countries, France and Germany. According to experts quoted by ZDF, the Belgian lab that manufactured the Coronavirus, known as the Taishanlini Institute, has now withdrawn from export for fear of international reputational damage. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar Assad has also warned of an imminent attack by the United States.

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