Eighteen manufacturing companies in the United States have been awarded with three different awards from the U.S. Department of Commerce. The awards, which went up for submission in October of 2017, were announced on Tuesday by Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross.

During the announcement, Secretary Ross said the awards “spearhead the administration’s strategy to modernize American industry, expand American exports, and build new technologies to create American jobs.”

Ross added that manufacturing plays an important role in the U.S. economy and every piece of machinery produced in the United States “was inspected by government-authorized inspectors.”

The winners include companies that make the floor tiling that adorns the floors of so many modern homes and buildings. Trucking companies and one manufacturer of medical imaging devices have been recognized as well.

Read the full list of winners below:

Manufacturing Research and Development

MAGRON Advanced Test Systems

InfuSystems, Inc.

Motion Tricorder International, Inc.

Software and Data Quality Engineer

Anthony DeVito

Minot Industries, Inc.

Wayne Mercado

Systema Diagnostics Inc.

Theresa Abadia

Palo Alto Molding, Inc.

Annette Kolk

Morton, Wis.—

Prize Winner, State

North Dakota

Hint LLC

Tyler Lankford, Managing Partner, Hint LLC

Morton, Wis.—

Prize Winner, U.S.


Chain CPI Inc.

Lee Morreale, President, Chain CPI Inc.

Atlanta, Ga.—

Winner, Region


Cunard Line

Cunard Line

Mary Glover

Tiger Electronics Inc.

Jacopo A. D’Anna

EyeWorks EMS Inc.

Atlantic U.S. Company

Baltimore Electric, Inc.

Joel Christian


Stowe Surface Technologies, Inc.

Atlantic Region


Bluewater Bicycles

Kevin Davis

John Hamerly

Winners in some of the categories, according to a press release, include: