The Marv Wolfman-created TV series that wrapped up in 1992 has been a shadow of itself for the last 23 years, with only a few jokes bringing the series back to life. But the original series was more than just a cheesy sitcom spoof of television commercials, it was a comedy that dove deeply into the foundations of Buddhism, and a story inspired by Kahlil Gibran's book The Prophet. It was, in a sense, the religious equivalent of The Princess Bride.

So for those who've never had the pleasure, or for those who want to think, read, and laugh about Buddhist deities, here's a list of ten zingers that might have happened if ALF had a drinking problem and he'd gone to visit Siddhartha Gautama at enlightenment:

- “Siddhartha: The only thing I ever missed were the pills.”

- “Phooey. “

- “Siddhartha: Nevermind, we went to the rooftop after that.”

- “What? That’s it? Phooey, I’m turning in this leather-ball chair and clicking my heels three times.”

- “Yee-haw! A tiger roaring is better than beating a noose on a monk’s head.”

- “I just spook myself with this weird mantra that triggers a monastery drug test.”

- “I saw some roof monkeys with teeth marks on them, could be from their teeth who don’t have the right kind of dragon toothpaste.”

- “I was looking at my thoughts, Buddha, and I was faced with one of these thoughts: ‘I am a dumb dumb monkey, who’s just been working for too long with the strong monkey, until the weakmonkey became exhausted from being a strong monkey and his dumb monkey lost his mojo.’ And then I was in so much pain that I turned into a barking dog.”

- “Siddhartha: I think the Elephant Man and the Handmaiden’s Tale might be about the same guy.”

- “Siddhartha: No worries if they have a daughter, her name is Frieda, she’s a cute tiger.”

- “Sir, when it comes to spats, then just tell the star to cry about how you put off his first date, instead of publicly humiliating him.”

- “Siddhartha: Oh, now I have to take on a new book project, Chai, Sweet Chai, Ladies, but they won’t let me go to Thailand.”